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Science shows regular spiritual practice leads to a happier, less stressful experience of life.

Zoay puts the power of spiritual connection in your pocket.

Spiritual connection in nature

Some of us feel closer to God in a redwood grove than a cathedral. Our nature videos and forums will help you find new and old paths to follow to recenter in Nature.

Experience the divine through art

Whether it's Michaeelangelo's unfinished sculptures or the graceful movements of a ballerina, art has the ability to transport us to places where we experience the divine. Zoay can help you dive deeper into those experiences and connect with people who feel the'r souls wake up when they experience art.

Soul-fueled social action

Many people find the connection to their spirit in the soles of their feet. Whether it's protesting injustice or working to create small solutions to big problems, Zoay can help you get there with videos that educate and inspire as well as a community where you can connect with others working for change.

Meditation, prayer, and spiritual conversation

And then there are the mystics. The ones who seek to let go of the conscious mind and commune with the divine. There are those who speak words into the void knowing that God's ears are always listening. Zoay leads down these paths too. From revealing practices of the ancient desert mystics to reentering your day through guided imagery meditations, Zoay will help you let go and experience a whole new level of spirituality surrounded by people who are doing the same.

A community studying the soul

The smell of an old book can be holy. Opening up sacred texts, understanding ancient languages and metaphors, and exploring the ancient teachings of faith brings life to the souls of many people. Zoay is filled with videos that explore some of the oldest texts and consider some of the deepest truths about life and the universe. Join us as we study together.

Engage from anywhere

Any screen you have will turn into a tool for spending time on your soul.

Available on multiple devices. View All 

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